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Traveler's Notebooks

 All our leather Traveler's Notebook covers are hand-cut, hand-dyed and hand-finished with smooth burnished edges. Pockets and wallets for the Traveler's are traditional hand sewn. Every cover is treated with care and attention to detail. Because of this it takes time to make these covers. The result however, is a unique and beautiful product, that will last you a lifetime.
We make all sizes covers, in a wide range of colors. Not all colors or sizes are listed, so if you want a specific color or a custom design, both in finish or size, please sent us a message and together we can design your unique Traveler's Notebook.
Leather is a natural product and no two pieces of leather are the same. Sometimes slight marks or folds can be seen on the surface. These marks of life give the leather character and add to the unique nature of the product.


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