Customize your Traveler's Notebook leather Cover with a stamped design

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    • Customize your Traveler's Notebook leather Cover with a stamped design.
    • Added stamping will give your notebook a unique and beautiful appearance.
    • With leather being a natural product and not a smooth flat surface, the stamping on the leather will have a vintage look and feel. If you prefer pristine stamping, this might not be the look for you!
    • The example stamps you see in the images will be stamped onto the cover in a repeat pattern. Except for the coffee stain.
    • The coffee stain stamp will be used as an accent stamp and can be used with another stamp together, like f.i. the Script stamp.
    • The "Vintage" stamp is the same stamp as used for the "Vintage on Fire" notebooks, however the Vintage on Fire is done on natural colored leather and will have separate "distress" treatment.
    • Please contact me for the further details and specifications of the stamping you would like me to do on the notebook cover, with regard to design, color and other considerations.
    • Choose your style and color, or choose OTHER after contacting us about the available options.
    • Select yes if you notebook has pockets and you want the pockets to be stamped as well
    • Together we can make the perfect notebook cover for you.



    • This listing is for 1 upgrade with stamping on 1 leather Traveler's Notebook cover of any size.
    • Shipping is calculated by the total weight of all items in the cart


  • Leather is a natural product and slight variations are by nature present and add to the uniqueness of the product. With these being handmade, hand cut and hand sewn, tiny differences should be expected from this as well.

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